The manliest pop cover ever

2014-04-26 14:15:53 by SpinWires


The Spin Wires released a super manly music video of Lana Del Ray's "West Coast"

Check it out here:

The song is available free to download on The Spin Wire's website.



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2014-04-26 15:08:51

You guys never cease to make me happy !

SpinWires responds:

haha excellent! That means we're doing our job :-)


2014-04-26 18:33:47

Did you guys gained wheight?

SpinWires responds:

Haha - Joe (drums) and RJ (bass) have been working out lately - so they may look a little bigger


2014-04-26 20:51:46

Did Poliip make your avatar?

SpinWires responds:

Yes - Poliip drew our avatar and the cover girl for our album art - she's great!


2014-04-26 23:16:44

"Too much work" was the first song I heard from you guys.
Damn, you're still as awesome, probably even awesomer now... ^_^

SpinWires responds:

We always strive for being more awesomer. :)


2014-04-27 15:16:23

I probably haven't told you this yet, but your songs are nice.

SpinWires responds:

I don't think you have. Thanks Pkmn2!


2014-11-08 05:37:35

Omg The Spin Wires! I love your whole album! Totally gonna buy. I found out about you ever since I played Super toy cars. Favorites are Used me and Should I dance or Should I die

SpinWires responds:

Yisss. Thanks dude and so glad you dig Super Toy Cars.


2014-12-15 14:20:38

Why were all the instrumentals removed of NG? Those were awesome! :(

SpinWires responds:

We will repost them in Feb 2015. :)