The Spin Wires on Steam and Wii U!

2014-03-09 13:35:37 by SpinWires

Super Toy Cars, an addictive racing game for PC and Wii U, uses the Spin Wires music.  I had my first playthrough this weekend on Steam Early Access and it is insanely fun.  There are tons of upgrades - it combines the best elements of Mario Cart with Re-Volt.  


You can get an early copy for Steam, just click here:


Check out the trailer Here: 



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2014-03-09 13:58:39

holy cow. congrats guys


2014-03-09 14:18:20

love the dinky engine sounds, really adds to the toy vibe, congrats


2014-03-09 14:30:34

when will this be on WiiU, and will it be for eshop or disk?
bottom line I am buying this

SpinWires responds:

It's in Beta and in early access on Steam. I think the developers are shooting for a May release date on Wii U? It will be on eshop. I will send you a message when it comes out!


2014-03-10 21:58:22

Another step towards world famousry . . . famousry is not a word, right ?

SpinWires responds:

It should be ... I feel like we are building our famousry.