The Spin Wires on Pandora!

2014-02-08 15:49:19 by SpinWires

The Spin Wires on now on PANDORA.

The station is out of this world good.  Honestly, it has tons of other catchy songs, I'm amazed!

Check out The Spin Wires Pandora Station Here 



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2014-02-08 17:10:57

Well dang looks like i can't visit the website because of Country restriction :/

SpinWires responds:

Are you kidding? That sucks! Can you normally visit Pandora?


2014-02-08 17:24:37

I've always wondered how do you get on pandora? I've been wanting to get my tunes on there.

SpinWires responds:

RealFaction I'll PM you some Info my good man.


2014-02-08 20:25:19

I've never been on Pandora so that kinda made me sad :/

SpinWires responds:

That's totally lame. I wonder why they restrict country access? Probably because of different licensing laws etc...


2014-02-09 00:53:35

>RealFaction I'll PM you some Info my good man.

Could you maybe PM me that too?

Also, good job! That's really cool. Adding that station now.

SpinWires responds:

Will do! Check your inbox.


2014-02-09 15:48:07

I prefer listening to you guys on Spotify.

SpinWires responds:

Yea, Spotify is a pretty sweet too