Who would you rather be drunk with?

2013-10-13 17:55:48 by SpinWires

Our music video DRUNK WITH YOU is out!

if you could get drunk with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?


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2013-10-14 12:03:26

Ben Franklin.

SpinWires responds:

Haha, your the second one to mention that! I've read that Ben was quite the party animal...


2013-10-15 18:22:27

Does it count if the person is in a video game if so i'd say Weatley from Portal 2 otherwise i would say Total Biscuit.
Also great work, keep it up !

SpinWires responds:

Ha! I love Total Biscuit, that would be a total trip...I feel like he would make all sorts of sarcastic remarks the whole time.