The Spin Wires EP is out NOW

2013-09-28 10:00:39 by SpinWires

The Spin Wires EP is out! You can get it on Itunes/Bandcamp! Get the EP the Examiner called "Utterly Amazing"



The Spin Wires EP is out NOW


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2013-10-01 08:20:27

This is probably the fifth EP post I'm looking at today, and the first that's not free... you've got some competition! :) Sounds great though!

SpinWires responds: can stream the EP for free ;)! You can also download The Spin Wires sampler from our webiste for free and that has seven songs :)


2013-10-01 23:22:18

I'm your first follower of spotify! XD whoo!


2013-10-01 23:26:00

Btw Used Me is my favorite track form that album, its a really awesome song and so is the album

SpinWires responds:

Dude! Thanks! Used Me is a bit darker from the rest of the tracks, but it's an awesome one live! We're actually shooting a video for it this week.